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    Product: 2-tert-butylhydroquinone (MTBHQ锛?/p>
    Chemical Name: tertiary butylhydroquinone銆乼ert-Butylhydroquinone or mono-tert-Butylhydroquinone
    Chemical Formula锛欳10H14O2
    Molecular Weight锛?66.22
    CAS: 1948-33-0
    EINECS Number: 217-752-2
    Product Introduction
    At a concentration of 0.01%-1.0%, MTBHQ is a very effective antioxidant for unstable organic liquids (such as fluorohydrocarbons, oils, aldehydes and aldehydes). Used as a polymerization inhibitor, light and heat stabilizer and industrial antioxidant for polymers, MTBHQ is more effective than hydroquinone, it has higher solubility and higher efficiency at high temperatures, and is more useful than hydroquinone wide銆?/p>
    1. Anti-aging agent in rubber and plastic industry
    2. PVC additives (anti-fisheye agent)
    3. Used in pharmaceutical intermediates and organic synthesis
    4. Stabilizer: Prevent oxidation of resin and other substances
    5. It can be used as an antioxidant in industrial oils (such as lubricating oil), fatty acid esters of oil, linseed oil and other greases, as well as in inks, pigments, dyes, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
    ItemsTBHQ Standard
    Content (TBHQ)鈮?9.0%
    Lead锛圥b锛?/p>鈮? mg/kg
    Melting Range126.5~128.5鈩?/p>
    Ultraviolet AbsorbancePass
    25kgs sealed polyethylene bags in cardboard bucket
    Shelf life
    18 months in original packaging containers. Please seal it well after the original container is open and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.Industrial Antioxidants for sale