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    ZW enamelled tank is also called horizontal enamelled tank, horizontal enamelled tank and horizontal enamelled tank.Is a glass lining equipment.
    I. Overview:
    ZW lined glass storage tank is made of glass lined with high silica content on the inner surface of steel vessel. After being burned at high temperature, the glass is firmly pressed on the metal surface to become composite material products.Therefore, it has the stability of glass and metal strength double advantages, is an excellent corrosion resistance equipment.Has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, medicine, pesticide, food and other industries.In order to ensure the normal use of the glass lining equipment, the main properties, installation and use precautions are explained as follows:
    Ii. Technical Specifications:
    1. Allowable pressure
    2. Acid resistance:
    It has good corrosion resistance to all kinds of organic acids, inorganic acids and organic solvents.If the glass samples produced by our factory are placed in 20%HCI solution and boiled for 48h, the corrosion rate is 0.9LG /m2.d(the index of excellent products is 1.0g/m2.d).
    3. Alkali resistance:
    The corrosion resistance of enamelware is worse than that of acid solution.But will I plant glass test??The samples were corroded by 1N sodium hydroxide solution, and the test temperature was 80鈩?for 48h.The corrosion rate was 6.76g/m2.d(the superior index was 7.0g/m2.d).
    4. Operating temperature:
    Glass lining equipment heating and cooling, should be carried out slowly.The operating temperature of the glass lining equipment manufactured by our factory is 0-200鈩? and the temperature resistance and acute degeneration are 鈮?00鈩?
    5. Thickness of porcelain layer:
    The thickness of the porcelain coating for the glass lining equipment is 0.8-2.0mm, and the thickness of the porcelain coating for the accessories of the glass lining equipment is 0.6-1.8mm.
    6. Voltage resistance:
    The enameled glass has good insulation. When the enamel layer is checked by 20KV high-frequency spark within the specified thickness, the high-frequency spark cannot break through the porcelain layer.
    7. Impact resistance:
    The smaller the internal stress of the glass layer, the better the elasticity, the greater the hardness, the higher the flexural compressive strength, the better the impact resistance.The impact energy of the glass layer in our factory is 282脳 10-3j (the excellent index is 260脳 10-3j) when it is impacted by steel ball with diameter of 30mm and weight of 112g within the specified thickness.
    Iii. Installation, Use and Maintenance:
    1. The porcelain surface shall be protected by soft pads such as rubber board during hoisting. All tool parts shall not contact or collide with the porcelain surface to avoid damaging the porcelain surface.
    2. When handling equipment without packing boxes, only the tank ear and supporting foot of the equipment shall be stressed, and the pipe hoop, clamp and other vulnerable parts shall not be stressed. The equipment shall be lifted and put down lightly to avoid vibration and collision, and no rolling or crowbar shall be used to pry during handling.
    3. The outer wall of the enamelled iron tire shall not be welded.
    4. The joints of all enamel parts shall be made of spacers that are flexible, corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and of suitable width and thickness according to the reaction medium or temperature.Asbestos rubber gasket is adopted. Generally, the joint of tank body and tank cover is as follows: thickness 鈮?5mm, width 15-40mm;The joint is: thickness 鈮?mm, width 15-30mm.
    5. In use, pay attention to the sealing condition of each flange connection. If leakage is found, take immediate measures; in case of acid, neutralize and wash with alkaline solution.
    6. The glass lining equipment should not be used for storage and reaction of the following media, otherwise it will be damaged quickly by corrosion:
    (1) Hydrofluoric acid of any concentration and temperature;
    (2) PH锛?2. Alkaline medium with temperature greater than 100鈩?
    (3) Phosphoric acid with concentration above 30% and temperature above 180鈩?
    (4) Alternating acid base reaction;
    (5) Containing fluoride in other media.
    7. When entering the tank for equipment maintenance, soft pads should be placed on the tank bottom to avoid tools falling into the tank, and rubber shoes (rubber shoes, plastic shoes) should be worn to avoid damaging the porcelain surface.
    8. In case of material outlet blockage, do not use metal tools shovel hit, can be used wood or other soft objects dredge.
    9. Regular inspection should be carried out in the process of use. If glass lining fragments are found in the released materials, they should be checked immediately to find out the reasons and measures.Materials bonded to the surface of the tank should be cleaned in a timely manner. Metal tools should not be used in cleaning to prevent damage to the glass lining.
    The glass lining equipment is made by coating the porcelain glaze with high silicon content on the metal surface and making the porcelain glaze close to the surface of the metal iron tire by firing at 950鈩?Therefore, it has the double advantages of chemical stability and metal strength similar to glass.
    Enamel equipment is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, dyes, pesticides, organic synthesis, petroleum, food manufacturing and national defense industry and other industrial production and scientific research in the reaction, evaporation, concentration, synthesis, extraction, polymerization, saponification, mineralization, chlorination, nitrification and so on, in order to replace the expensive stainless steel and non-ferrous metals.Corrosion resistance: for a variety of concentrations of inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent and weak base and other media are very strong corrosion resistance.However, it is not suitable for strong base, hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ion medium, and phosphoric acid with temperature greater than 180鈩?and concentration greater than 30%.Glass Lined Storage Tank suppliers