Summer is over and it is time to continue the party. On October 29, 2022, DJLS is hosting an after summer or halloween event DJs from around the world will be playing their sets Live.

To date, we have confirmed Canadians DJs, Fred Fisher, Dibblebee, DJ Shawney, DJ Lap, CrazyShadow, GrandMasterGuy, Hell Cutter, and Sensation.

The UK will be represented by big hard techno DJ, Miss Gripper. Follow our social media for any updates.

Viewers can interact all day, via our chat box with those DJs as they entertain you and count in the new year.

All DJs are invited to mix LIVE on a scheduled spot, if it is not possible you can send your mix in advance. Dibblebee and Fred Fisher will be hosting the event all day long!

Select one of our two studios and join us in our online event party.

Click for Studio 1
Click for Studio 2

If you are a DJ and would like to join the event, please contact us!

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