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    No other low-temperature medium can be placed in the liquid nitrogen tank, and the container can only be filled with liquid nitrogen, so as not to interact with the flammable substance on the structure of the container and cause an explosion. The container should be placed in a cool, dry place, and the room should be well ventilated. The evacuation nozzle adopts a repeatable air extraction structure, please do not start it, so as not to affect the cold preservation performance.
    The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196鈩? and protective measures should be taken during operation, such as wearing leather and cotton gloves, and don’t expose your hands. Strictly prevent liquid nitrogen from splashing and causing frostbite when it touches the skin or eyes. Filling of liquid nitrogen: when the container is filled with liquid nitrogen for the first time and refilled with liquid nitrogen after a long period of use, since the inner tank is at room temperature, do not fill it too fast. Inject a small amount first to make the inner tank gradually cool down. After the boiling phenomenon is weakened, increase the charging speed. Otherwise, the liquid nitrogen will boil and splash outward, causing frostbite. Liquid nitrogen should not be overfilled, and the liquid level should not be so high that it contacts the FRP neck tube. Liquid level check: Insert a wooden ruler into the center of the bottom of the liquid nitrogen tank container, and take it out after about 10-15 seconds. The frosting length is the liquid level. Do not check with a hollow tube to prevent liquid nitrogen from spraying out of the tube and hurting people. The minimum liquid level cannot be lower than the highest level of the refrigerated object, and the refrigerated object must be submerged by liquid nitrogen. When the liquid nitrogen is vaporized to the extent that the refrigerated goods are about to be exposed to the liquid surface, the liquid nitrogen should be added in time.Custom Cryogenic Storage Tank