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    JT Material Manufacture Ltd founded in 1993, Over 26 years rich experience in manufacturing lady bags fashion bags. JT Material manufacturer Offer OEM & ODM service, excellent customer service, top-quality bags to global market. With the core value of producing high quality products for customers from different business sectors around the world. We have established a first-class manufacturing, marketing, environmental and quality control system.
    Our manufacturing expertise includes a wide variety of bags, mainly lady bags, jelly bag , dupont tyvek bags, clear pvc tote, cosmetic bags, promotional bags, dupont tyvek material, and promotional items. We also focus on tactical/enforcement packages and accessories. Sample making 1-2 weeks, Lead time 2-4 weeks. We have the ability to turn over per month: 60,000 wallets 30,000 lady bags 30,000 backpacks 30,000 laptop bags 100,000 promotional bags
    JT has always been considered a bag manufacturer that insists on its quality, while providing the best service at competitive prices.
    In addition, we are proud to maintain the highest level of integrity, which is reflected in transactions with customers. We are also very concerned about the work, living environment and leisure life of employees at all levels.
    Through our technical expertise and international management standards, our customers regard us as long-term reliable and responsive business partners.
    Product development:
    Whether the customer is looking for us in a particular direction or needs our product design assistance, we are committed to developing the right product for the right market at the fair price. Come join our in-house designers and technicians to turn ideas into reality.
    Project management:
    You can count on our project management team to oversee production. Our experienced project managers have control over all aspects and are proud of our delivery rate more than 99%.
    Supply Chain Management:
    We have a strong network of quality raw materials. We only buy from reliable and quality suppliers; we will continue to evaluate them to ensure that the quality of the entire supply chain is maintained.
    Quality assurance:
    Our internal quality control team checks each request against the AQL standard. Whether or not our customers decide to organize their own inspections, quality will never be compromised and inspected.

    We are proud of our quality technology. We have the best people to produce every product for customers.
    The shipping:
    Our products to customers all over the world. The freight can be directly to the customer designated port or warehouse.wholesale Tyvek Toilet Bags


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